A 23-year-old law student's story of surviving adult life with braces.

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Not sure why I can’t add text to my photo post tonight?  Having some trouble with wordpress interface… anyway, yay, new pics!!  And this time it’s been three months, so you can see some major changes.  I am blown away by the difference in my bottom teeth.  Really validates the whole process for me.

Hope you all can enjoy Turkey Day without too many orthodontic annoyances!!  Have a great Thanksgiving!



Sooo I had another appointment with the ortho on Thursday.  I got my back four teeth bracketed – now, I was wondering, why didn’t we just bracket the whole mouth in the beginning?  But apparently that makes too much sense lol.  I will never understand this whole process.  Anyway, so I got there at 9:30 am (had to skip an entire class just to get an appointment time) and was immediately shown to the chair of death (lol, I’m being a little melodramatic today, but it’s halloween!).  Let me tell you, getting these last 4 was way more uncomfortable than the other bunch of them.  They had to pry each side of my mouth open with cotton, some big plastic device, etc, then wait for the ortho to come over and put them on.  The whole process took about 45 minutes.  I told the assistant they should give you complimentary shots of alcohol, but no such luck… they did, however, give me my choice of a free hershey’s bar or reeses?  LOL.  Anyway, once those 4 brackets were on, they went about adding new thick wires, more powerchains, and (gasp) a rubber band.  Noooo!  I officially look like I’m 12.  Also?  Rubber bands make it incredibly hard to yawn.  And I’m a law student – I do that a lot.

So now, this whole weekend, my cheeks have been swollen, torn up, nasty.  I’m surprised that just those 4 little brackets could cause so much trouble!  But definitely very sore.  And if you all have followed me from the beginning, you know that not eating is not an option for me haha.  Even after the extractions, I was eating that same day.  So I’ve just been struggling through.

Also, one tip about the powerchains – if you have ceramics and get the “pearl” colored powerchain, it stains like crazy.  I asked the assistant if there was anything we could do, and she said “quit drinking pop.”  BAHAHAHA.  Lady, you clearly don’t know me.  Coke is my lifeblood.  No way.  I will cut down on the red wine, though – it was just a phase.  But it seriously looked orange when she took it off to replace.  No good.

Anyway, that’s all the excitement here.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!  Love this holiday!  And will love forcing my way through lots of candy I’m not supposed to have later, haha.


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24 with braces!

Yay, I’m officially a 24-year-old with braces!  My birthday was Sunday.  Celebrated with friends and watched the Bengals lose. 😦  Overall, though, it was a great weekend.

In other news, I tried my arch-nemesis braces food on Monday.  Went to Graeter’s (famous Cinci ice cream parlor) and they had samples of caramel apples (insert horror music here)… with nuts!  Good Heavens, what to do… of course, I tried one!  And, who knew, my braces are still intact!  Actually, I didn’t have any problems.  When I tried corn on the cob this summer, I quickly realized why orthos caution against it (of course, that didn’t deter me, I just kept the waterpik handy).  But this was fine!  I think the problem is the same as most apples – you can’t just bite into a whole one.  Delicious!

I got new powerchains a couple weeks ago, hooray… painful.  And these suckers really do stain!  When she put the new ones on, it was like a professional whitening lol.  Looked much better.  Also, I was cautioned about my hygiene… so for those of you who come home from a night out and think you can skip flossing, don’t.  They will notice.  So I’m back on the wagon!  My dentist keeps giving me samples of Dentek braces flossers, but I can’t find them in stores!  Has anyone seen these?  The samples are orange.

On a separate note, I’m finally in my last year of law school!  Which means photos.  I had to get my composite photo taken this morning for the law school composite, which hangs in the hallway for something like 10 years.  I think it turned out okay!  I didn’t drink any pop beforehand so the powerchains wouldn’t stain.  Gotta make peace with all this sometime… I smiled my normal big smile (after contemplating going close-mouthed).  Hopefully they’re good!

I think this is all my news!  Hope all is well on your end!


PS –

Heehee.  Just looked at my site stats for fun… first of all, I feel super bad for abandoning you all.  I’ll get better!

Secondly… these searches crack me up!  I didn’t know wordpress would tell me how you all came upon my site… but here are some of the best searches:

  • “braces like a teenager” – really?  Hmm… I didn’t think I was portraying myself as a teen, and I ‘spose you were probably disappointed by my sadly 23-year-old self…
  • “freaky braces smile” – yikes!  I’m hoping I was pretty far down that list of search results…
  • (closely followed by) “great teeth after braces” – Okay, I guess I’ll take the freaky smile if I can fall into the category of great teeth afterwards
  • “is it bad to have braces in law school” – no comment. 🙂
  • “drinking margaritas braces” – I want to meet who searched for that.  We can go drink them together – one of the few things braces won’t ever affect my ability to consume!

Haha, thanks for giving me that chuckle… feel free to drop me a comment and tell me how you found me!  And if I’ve actually been the tiniest bit helpful!



Shew, sorry readers!  I really took a break there for awhile.  Worked at the prosecutor’s office all summer, loveeed it.  Got my interns license and was able to try a few cases – so fun!

Anyway, went for an adjustment a couple weeks ago, and they did several things – first, they put the brackets all the way back.  Second, they put powerchains on top and bottom.  Yikes!  I felt like I had just gotten braces all over again.  I was back to soft food.  Not fun at all!

Happily, I felt like I was really seeing some movement.  So I decided to take some new pics.  But now, looking at these, I’m not sure I wasn’t making it up… The pictures don’t show much change at all in two whole months! 😦  And I’ve been doing everything right!  Come on teeth!  New goal is to have them off by the time I get my first job (hopefully *fingers crossed* will be around October 2012).  Gosh, that seems a long ways off… I’m already working on my smile for the law school composite… I really want to hide these bad boys, but then I don’t look like myself.  So I guess I’ll just grin and bare it… haha, get it?

Anyway, feel free to chime in on the pics.  I’ll try to be around here much more!  I still get emails so if anyone has any questions at all just drop me a comment!


New pics!

Hey friends!  Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  Finished out the semester, started work at the Prosecutor’s Office, and forgot about my blog.  😦  Unfortunately… not much new here.  I had an adjustment 1 1/2 weeks ago and barely anything looks like it’s changed.  Here’s some new pics:

Yup, doesn’t really look much different to me.  Anyone have any thoughts?  I’ve hit a plateau.  😦